About Me

Hi. We are Silverbells Landscaping.

Let's get the important questions out the way first;

  • Are we insured? Yes we are.

  • Are we qualified? Yes we are.

  • Are we licensed? Yes we are.

Have we always been professional gardeners? Completely honest, we haven't. We have however always been in love with working outdoors and creating outdoor spaces that you will enjoy.

We decided to turn our love of gardening into a business and so we got my training, starting practicing until we got consistent, high quality results every time and then we decided we were ready to offer these Services to others. Once we took this leap, we have always made sure that we have all the necessary training, insurance & licensing in place that will allow us to be the professional garden service that you deserve.

We put the same passion, skill, and experience that we would put into our own gardens into all of the projects that we do. With a variety of services available, you have many options when it comes to your vision for your outdoor space. We believe in creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional, always putting customers satisfaction first. Get in touch today for a no obligation quote for all your gardening needs throughout Crewe & Nantwich

We are licensed by the Environment Agency as a waste carrier (not all gardeners or garden businesses are, so its worth checking,) you can check at https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/search-waste-carriers-brokers) and hold full and comprehensive insurance to cover my activities, did you know the blades of a lawn mower spin at roughly 200mph?!?

Why is there no gallery you may ask? Well for starters not every design or planting plan will fit in every garden. We don't want you to see one and be disappointed when we say it won't work. Each plan or design we do is unique to you. What we don't want to do is build you a garden that won't flourish in the long run because of various factors. If, for example, you put a Hosta in the middle of a south facing garden with no shade it just won't be a happy plant. Does this mean you can't have one? No, it doesn't, it just means we need to find a way of making it happy that works in your garden Plants are rated for full sun, part sun/part shade or full shade. It's our knowledge of plants that will allow us to do this for you.

​The main reason however is that your garden is your private haven, the place you can relax without the outside world interfering. We will only ever show photo's of my clients gardens with their express permission.

Do you want an easy to maintain garden? No problem, we will either design you a garden or planting plan that is easy to maintain or we can do it for you (hint hint).

Silverbells Landscaping is registered as a limited company in England and Wales

Silverbells Landscaping Ltd

Romiley, Newcastle Road

Nantwich, CW5 7EJ

Company number: 13421797